Enter Qlik and discover yourself

Developers at Qlik are driven by a passion for innovation. As you read this, some of the skills you’ll need to work here may not even exist yet. But at Qlik, you’ll have everything you need to learn and evolve as quickly as the software you’re developing.

Explore your potential

You want to progress in your career in technology. We want you to progress in your career as well. We’ll make that happen by giving you the opportunity to:

  • Work with the very latest technologies in cloud computing including AWS, Azure, Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Code in whichever language best suits the task: from JavaScript for front-end-using frameworks like React, to node.js, C#, Go and C++ for backend services.
  • Get involved in Open Source: maintaining our own projects and being an active contributor to others.
  • Move between different roles across our global offices, building your experience at every step.
  • Take up our personalised training and mentoring programmes.
  • Accelerate your skills development.
  • Join in our hackathons to spark innovation, becoming a key part of the extended research team.

Push your limits

It’s your life – what do you want to do with it? We have some of the most talented developers in the business. So we look after them. We have industry-leading employee benefits, including health insurance and pensions. But more important is our approach: yes, we want to give you the opportunity to develop at work, but we also want to help you achieve your aspirations away from the office. We’ll help you make your work/life balance a priority at every stage in your career.

Connect with your world

Qlik has an award-winning social responsibility programme. We give grants. We donate products and services. We support charities. And we believe our people, products and culture can make the world a better place. Thinking about new ways to change the world? We’ll give you time off to make it happen.

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