Software Engineer

Oleksandra joined Qlik in 2014. She’s learned a lot technically speaking, and even more about what she’s capable of as a valued member of the Qlik family. Learn more about her journey from a straight-out-of-uni graduate, to inspiring the next generation of coders developing tomorrow’s tech.

Can you tell us how you spend your days at Qlik?

“My days are spent developing new services, covering them with tests, maintaining deployment of services. That means discussion within the team to create solutions, solve issues, and make plans – and a lot of learning new tools. It’s always interesting, as every day I learn more about how to work with people and as a team.”

What attracted you to Qlik?

“The products, the people and possibilities to grow within the company. Qlik seemed a great place to start my career. As it happens, I was also offered a PHD in Dalarna University, and I found it really hard to choose! I decided to reject the PHD, but I got the job I really wanted… it was a happy ending.”

What was the graduate programme like?

“I feel I had a great start after university – it was the best time. Qlik built my confidence and showed me what I was capable of. I didn’t know what to expect from a career in software engineering, but the graduate program was a really good way in. We had mentors who talked us through the good times and the challenges. It wasn’t like a job – it was more like a nice place to come, learn new things and make the product better.”

What has surprised you about working at Qlk?

“How much the company cares about people. There’s also really excellent teamwork, and lots of possibilities to learn and switch technologies. You don’t stand still.”

So have you learned a lot since joining the Qlik team?

“So much! Professionally speaking, I’ve moved from test engineering to software engineering. It’s been a great experience, and I’ve learned so many different technologies. I hope to grow more development skills, writing more complex code, learning more languages such as Go and Python, and building my knowledge of cloud infrastructure too.

“I’ve also learned about the the value of teamwork, and that work can be like family. Having fun with colleagues is really important, and Fika* is a must have! Between work and life outside there should be a balance, and to be more productive is to achieve more in less time. It’s about what you create together, not how long it takes.”

What’s been proudest moment at Qlik so far?

“A colleague and I recently held a workshop about Clean Code during Pink Programming Day at Qlik. The idea was to inspire women and girls to try programming and engineering.
It was great to play a part in inspiring the next generation of potential programmers.”

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the Qlik team?

“Just do it! It’s the best place to work. You get the best colleagues, a lot of possibilities to work with the latest technologies, career growth within the company, and an amazing product to work with!”

*Fika is when you grab a coffee – one to one – and have a sweet treat and a catch-up. This is a special Swedish tradition that Qlik embraces!

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