UX Designer

Jim joined Qlik four years ago straight out of university. Having started out as a Junior UX Designer, he’s already made huge progress and is now leading major design projects.

Tell us about your job.

As a UX Designer, I make sure Qlik’s products are smart, delightful and easy to use.

What’s been your proudest moment?

Taking the lead UX-role for my first big project. Even though it’s only been four years since I graduated, I’m already the primary and driving UX Designer for big areas and projects.

What have you learned since working at Qlik?

People are awesome. Together we can do great things!

What’s the most unexpected or rewarding thing about working here?

At Qlik, you can talk with anyone and they’ll listen. No matter what rank.

What advice would you give somebody thinking about applying for our New Graduate Program?

Do it! It’s a great opportunity to grow and have a big impact.

Where do you hope to be in two years’ time?

Right here!

What’s your next career ambition?

I want to keep impacting people’s lives by designing awesome things.

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