Senior Software Engineer

Helene heads up the team who have developed our most unique product, the open source Qlik Core. They work right at the forefront of development, using the very latest technologies to open up the insight data can provide for everyone…it's a completely new product that can be integrated in ways that haven't been possible before.

Can you tell us what attracted you to Qlik in the first place?

“The agile way of working at R&D, and the opportunity to work with the latest technology and trends. There isn’t much legacy in development here, which makes things fun as you’re constantly evolving and you’re up to date in the market. You can change things, try something different. You’re always ready to discover new things and gain extra skills”

What has surprised you about working at Qlik?

“The product I’m working on, Qlik Core. It’s a product that doesn’t really fit into the other product workflows as it’s open source software – it can’t be sold in the same way, and needs different support channels.

“It has been a bit of a struggle to get where we are today, and I’m maybe not surprised – more impressed – that it actually was possible to get here. It’s been a clear message that the company is open minded and positive to new technology trends.

And what’s the most rewarding thing about your work?

“I appreciate working with my great colleagues. Together we make a big difference, and each and every one of us is very skilled and professional and takes great responsibility. They impress me every day and I feel proud to be a member of the team. Working with high quality people makes it possible for me to be the best Helene.”

What’s been proudest moment at Qlik so far?

“Developing Qlik Core. Starting from nothing, with only a vague understanding of what we wanted to achieve, struggling with the fuzziness and obstacles along the way, to actually release the product in September 2018. I feel humble and proud to have been a part in this journey.

“It’s a very different product from all the others, and we’re really proud of how far we’ve come already. The outcome so far is a completely new product that can be integrated in totally new ways that haven’t been possible before.”

That sounds like an amazing experience, and quite entrepreneurial?

“We are a bit like a start up within the company as we get lots of different responsibilities! Documentation, support, everything. It feels like we can really own it, we’re a small team of ten, and it’s our baby!”

It sounds like you don’t stand still! Have you learned a lot?

“I’ve gained a massive amount of technical skills, including cloud computing, front end frameworks, and new coding languages. Before working at Qlik I had no knowledge about the BI (Business Intelligence) industry, so I’ve obviously learned a lot about that too! And of course, working with new colleagues and teams has boosted my leadership skills, and the helped me develop the ability to see how every person’s strengths can be best used.”

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