Cloud Web Developer

Haitham is front-end web developer who creates the user interfaces that people interact with when they visit a website. He’s based in Lund, Sweden, and juggles a busy career with raising a young family…

Tell us your Qlik story Haitham – when did you join Qlik and why?

“I joined in April 2017, but it wasn’t actually my first experience of the company. I had done some consultancy and really liked the way Qlik employees are taken care of. The people here are brilliant and there’s a lot of potential to learn and grow, which for me makes it a perfect workplace.”

What surprised you most about the Qlik team?

“Qlik works really well despite being split across many different sites around the world. We get the opportunity to travel and meet colleagues face to face, which makes a big difference to our working relationships. I’ve met people that I can call more than just co-workers at Qlik – it’s a nice feeling coming to work and know that I can be a part of their lives.”

Have you had opportunity to develop?

“Working with brilliant people has opened my eyes to things I didn’t know before and has definitely helped me become a better developer. The family-friendly policies are good for your out-of-work life too. Having a family with two kids, it’s great to have the flexible hours. I make the most of them whenever possible!”

What’s your proudest moment?

“As part of a small team, I have helped to develop a tool that helps Qlik understand how our customers are using our products. It gives insight so we can learn what’s working well, and where we need to improve. Working on this project and seeing how it has been adopted within Qlik has been a great experience. Though it’s early days for the tool, I’m excited to see what it highlights and how we can create even better products for our customers.”

If someone you was thinking about joining the team, what would you say to them?

“Definitely to go for it. It’s the chance of a lifetime to meet great people, learn and develop new skills and have a workplace that you want to go to everyday.”

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