R&D Developer Advocate

Dipankar recently rejoined Qlik as an R&D Developer Advocate after a brief departure to explore an opportunity elsewhere. As part of his new role at Qlik, he gets to experiment with and develop state-of-the-art visual analytics systems. He is always plugged in with the developer community gathering important feedback to then incorporate into Qlik.

What attracted you to Qlik?

"I think one of the primary things that attracted me to Qlik was the product itself. I have been working in the Visual Analytics space for quite some time, and the amount of trust I have in this amazing product is immense. To add to that, the work culture at Qlik is fantastic. Before rejoining Qlik Canada, I was part of the Centre of Excellence team in India, Bangalore, and I had such a great experience in terms of the company's overall work culture. That definitely adds to the charisma and something that I looked for in an employer."

What is your favorite thing about working at Qlik?

"I am a strong supporter of making the world data literate, and it totally aligns with what Qlik's goal and vision are. I am so glad that my work here in Qlik allows me to exercise these goals and contribute to my vision. Having the goals aligned is such a bonus as it makes my everyday work exciting!"

What is your favorite quote to live by and how do you apply it to your career/experience at Qlik?

“I love Winston Churchill's quote - "Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts".

I think this quote has helped me throughout my career at Qlik and elsewhere and helped me realize that there might be situations when you try and fail, but it's the courage to continue that matters the most. Along with this I also believe in 'celebrating small wins' where I reward myself when I achieve a short-term goal. This has been so motivational for me!”

What is your proudest moment at Qlik?

“As part of my previous role with Qlik India, I was selected to be part of the 'Certification preparation' team, which basically develops the questions for Qlik's market-focused certificate for Data & Business Analysts. I was really fortunate to be part of this talented group, and I love how Qlik as an organization allowed me to go beyond my day-to-day job responsibilities.”

What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining Qlik?

“For anyone outside who is thinking of joining Qlik, this workplace is a fantastic platform to explore, develop, and learn new skills. I firmly believe it is the flexibility that comes with any roles within Qlik that allow an employee to grow further. And to add to that, our product is robust and so widely accepted in the industry. So, to be a part of the team is fascinating!”

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