Software Engineer

Ann-Louise started her Qlik journey as graduate, and is currently taking steps into leadership. She has learned many programming languages, is developing her people-skills, and has even made our clients accessible to people with visual impairments...

Can you tell us about how you came to join the Qlik team?

“It all started with an internship when I was still in school, believe it or not! After my internship, I studied for an MA in Information and Communication Engineering Technologies at Lund University with a specialization in Usability and Design, before rejoining Qlik in 2015.”

What are you working on at the moment?

“Right now I’m working as a project leader as a stand-in for someone on parental leave, and it’s exciting. I lead on the project side of things – not the people side – so I feel confident. I’m using my technical skills whilst developing new ones.”

It sounds like there are lots of opportunities to learn and develop?

“I have learned pretty much everything I know, work-wise! I came right from school without much knowledge about software developing. The colleagues are great, we have so much fun together and everyone is so talented – they have taught me so much.

“It’s also been brilliant to pick up so many programming languages, including javascript, CSS, Angular and React. I have also learned a lot about agile processes and how to manage a team.”

What’s the most remarkable thing you have worked on directly?

“When I started, we worked on a project to build a Developer Hub. It was based on a really old UI, and we need to update it to be fit for purpose. As a team we delivered the project, but I was really proud to work on the UI. It was really fun, and really nice to see the difference – I was proud of that. We had lots of good feedback from developers as it was such a new experience!”

“I also enjoyed working on a project to make the clients accessible for people who are visually impaired. It was rewarding to do something that really matters for the company – and we won the Team Recognition prize for the work, which was pretty nice! The whole team went to a spa and had a really nice time; dinner, team building and a lovely time chilling out.”

Where do you see yourself in a few years time?

“Right now, I’m really enjoying the development side of my role, but I enjoy leadership too. I would like to keep my options open and see where Qlik takes me!”

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